Cup of Joe is the Only Way to Go ;)

Original Starbucks Trip ;) 
Coffee.  Not sure about you, but it's my drug of choice.  I cannot go without my daily grind, coffee.  

Looking back coffee has been a part of every relationship in my life.  My parents both drank it and our house often oozed of the seductive aroma.  Growing up I always wanted to enjoy a cup, but my ultra-conservative mother would always tell me that I was just too young.  She said I had the rest of my life to drink coffee.  She would go on to say this about other things.

I began drinking coffee during my college years.  I felt old and wise.  I felt awake!  I am caffeinated, hear me roar!!!  I was into coffee before Starbucks was cool, before Dunkin' Donuts stopped making donuts and before the coffee wars.  I dig coffee.  Wonder if they make a coffee scented golf ball?  I'd be sure to never loose it.  (Note to self: Google and buy coffee scented golf balls.)

My first adult relationships always involved coffee.  Picking up coffee before heading out for day-trips.  Drinking coffee to stay awake for, well, um, ya know. Life would go on and I would have my share of relationships. Last year while visiting Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico, I came upon a new coffee maker, a Nespresso machine.  I was in heaven!  I decided to buy one as a Christmas gift for my then-boyfriend.  I hope he thinks about me every day while making his cup of joe in his $300 coffee maker.  Then there have been those that have asked what my 'Starbucks Order' was.  Wow, impressive!  That's thoughtful. Women reallllly dig thoughtful.  {FYI: It's a Venti-Drip-Extra Whole in the morning and Iced-Venti-Sweetened-Whole-Light Ice in the afternoon) And as of late, it has become the go-to way for guys to ask me out.  That or beer.  

So this leads me to my dating advice of the day for all you guys that made it this far.  Coffee is the easiest way to ask a woman out without putting a lot of pressure on yourself or her.  Even if one of you doesn't drink coffee, you can always order a tea or even a water is needed.  The point is, if you have a girl in mind that you'd like to get to know a little more, invite her to join you for a cup of joe at your local coffee shop.  And think outside the box, there's other coffee shops than just Starbucks.  You can invite her to join you at anytime of the day.  Make it her choice.  It's cheap, it's easy, it can be a short coffee or a long coffee and you can let her know why your so damn cool  listen. {Word of advice, let her talk and listen. Women only care about you, after they know you give a damn about them.}

I hope this helps.  Now, go on, send her a text or private message on Facebook and say, "Hey, I know you're a busy lady, but I'd love to grab coffee sometimes.  I know a few great places." BAM! You; 1)Acknowledged that she is important.  2)Showed her that you'd LOVE to spend time with her. 3)Showed her that you are 'in the know'. 

Good luck and {Cheers!}

Sandie ;) 


  1. Anthony1/28/2011

    For some reason I believe you just received a dozen emails with date requests. haha, I wonder though, why must men listen first? After all, the world is evolving every day. So why not some change to the dating aspect? Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous1/28/2011

    Sandie,I really liked the new format. Keep it up!!!

  3. Anthony, I have my fair share of date request. I am taking my personal knowledge of marriage, divorce and dating and trying to use it to help others. The part about men listening to women was just a word to the wise. I don't make the rules of our society, but I can assure you that I can help guys to understand women and their needs. They need to be understood and acknowledged. Plan and simple. And, yes, men do as well. Thanks for the comments! {Cheers!}

  4. Jim, thank you for your kind comment. I hope to continue mixing it up and really going full steam ahead with my new format! {Cheers!}