How's Your Equipment?

Having the right gear in your bag can make or break your golf game.  The same is true when it comes to the wonderful world of dating and relationships.  Let me ask you this; when was the last time you gave your own 'equipment' a once-over?  Oh, sure, you ‘think’ you are jusssst fiiiiiine, so why then are you striking out?  While it’s great to have a ‘healthy’ ego, just be sure that you’re being honest.  Here’s some thoughts…

How’s the body? Think physical attraction only works one way? Think again.  Just like you want someone that turns you on, so do we.  Too many beers lately?  How’s the nails?  When was the last time you had your hairstyle updated?  These may seem to be superficial, but if you want to catch a nice big fish (hottie, girlfriend, wife....), then bait the damn hook!  Take a look and be honest and get to working on your physical appearance.  Even if your Facebook Status is ‘In a Realtionship’ or ‘Married’, then light that fire again by taking interest in your own personal appearance.  You’ll find that your mate will thank you and may do the same in return. {If you talk about why you’re doing what you’re doing, they may take a hint if needed.} 

Speaking of hygiene, the number one turn-off for me is a guy that doesn’t take time to groom.  It’s okay to be a macho guy and still take care of certain things.  One of the sexiest things I’ve ever heard a man say was, “I’m going to get a pedicure.”  Helllllllo, handsome!  If you’re out of touch with current things that are ‘mainstream’ there’s a certain tool called Google, use it.  Google the hell out of things and learn.  {Just delete your history afterwards and all is well, they’ll never know how you figured it out.}

Quick Tips...

  • Take care of your body.  Join a gym, go for a walk, run or bike ride.  You'll see your whole world change! {Go #BringIT!} 
  • Refresh your wardrobe.  Yes, men can do this as well! Get your sexy ON! {Macy's is a great place to do this!} 
  • Check your shoes! Update old ones and replace. Save the old ones for 'your days'. 
  • Get a damn pedicure.  Just tell them no polish, but keep your feet clean.  We care.
  • Get a haircut and keep your facial and other hair areas clean. Yes, Win/Win! 
  • Pay attention to your teeth, we do.  Have them whitened or whiten them at home. 
  • Try a new cologne if you haven't done so in a while.  Most women like scents. 
  • Try not to wear your (golf) hat all the time.  It's okay to style your hair.   

 At the end of the day, taking care of you is important.  When you feel good about yourself, it shows.  You’re the only one that can make a changes in your life.  This is where you have to stop thinking about it and start doing it.  Life is too short, start living.  

{cheers} to taking care of yourself and finding your happy! ~ Sandie

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  1. Nice Post.

    Some great information about not just golf but taking care of your life as a whole.