Under Pressure!

Players Only at ANGC

Pressure. We all deal with pressure in our lives in some form or another. 
I am currently under a good bit of pressure. Some of which I put myself under and some of which I allow others to put on me. It’s all in how we deal with pressure that sets us apart.  One of the great things I love about the game of golf is the intense pressure that you sometimes play under during tournaments and such. The game itself is a difficult one to grasp and play well so the added pressure heightens the thrill of it all! 
Golf is sometimes disrespected by non-golfers that do not comprehend the physical and mental aspect of the game. Yes, honestly it is. Not hating, just stating things I’ve dealt with on a personal level. I love taking new golfers onto a course and watching their heads shake as they realize just how tough the game can be. Golf can teach us a lot about handling pressure in our everyday lives as well. As in golf, we must form and practice good habits, control our mental game, and keep our bodies physically well.
Today was a great day to fully understand the meaning of pressure if you were watching the Tour Championship playoff between Billy Haas and Hunter Mahan. Both were under extreme pressure and both fought it out and kept their A-games in check. They are professionals, they make it look easy. Any golfer that’s ever been in even a club championship tournament knows that it is partly nerves (pressure) that makes or breaks you.
No matter if you’re a golf fan, golf lover, hack, or scratch player, as in life, everyday is a new day and a new round. So let’s make the best of it by keeping our bodies up to par, our mental game bogey free and by learning how to live life to the fullest even under pressure!
{Cheers!} to Billy Haas and his BIG (11.4 Million) win today! 


  1. Great post!! In order to get the most out of our *pressure situations,* we must first redefine the word...

    Pressure: An opportunity to ... (fill in the blank for your personal motivations).

    For me, it's always an opportunity to separate from the pack, as I know most of my competition view pressure as a negative. Whenever pressure arises, define the moment as an opportunity to grow and step closer to your goals.


  2. Way to stay positive!!!