It's Friday, Where's Your Date?

Another week is done.  Another paycheck earned. Another weekend to look forward to. Hopefully. 

If you're like most single adults, you are so busy trying to manage all of the 'to-dos' of your life that you forget to ask someone out before Friday.  So Friday comes and goes.  No date.  You think, ohhhh, I want to go out!!!  You call your boys and hit the town. You see tons of single females and you more than likely end up 1)home alone later that night 2)given what you think is her # 3)stricking out with your lines {yes, they may be good, but they're not working  4)not even bothering 5)hooking-up {yay for you, now where do you want it to go?}  Any of this ring a bell?

Food for thought from a girl.  If you want a date on Friday, try this...  1)Don't go in for the kill all of a sudden, start small talk whenever you can with the female of choice. 2)Ask that nice girl out no later than Wednesday and say something like this, "We're almost to the weekend, how about you let me take you out for dinner on Friday.  That way you don't have to cook and we can share some laughs." No expectations! 3)Plan the date, ask her favorites.  4)Pick her up 5)Open the damn door for her, it won't kill you and you'll get HUGE bonus points. Yes, this is old-fashioned, but women adore it! They will adore you even more! 6)Don't dress like a bum, put effort into it.  Women notice these things.

Figured I'm chime in with a few thoughts as you head into the weekend.  If you don't have a date tonight, just go out and enjoy yourself.  Set something up for next week.

Let me know if I can help! sandie@augustagolfgirl.com {Cheers!} ~ Sandie ;)

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  1. nice one.. I'll give it a try.

    Thanks Sandie