Get Your Swing Back!

Spring is fast approaching here in Augusta, Georgia.  That very special tournament will be here before you know it! {Oh, my!}  Hello, Golf 2011!

Over the years I've had the opportunity to meet and talk with golfers from all over the world.  The one thing that is loud and clear is this, they do not play golf as often as they 'used to'.  Period.  They love golf.  They love to play golf.  But they hardly get out and play.  Why?

I think I know.  It's the same reason that I sometimes don't play as often as I'd like.  We get out of the swing of it.  We get busy with that thing called 'life'.  Or we have an injury.  Or it's the economy.  Or  we can't find anybody to play with.  So many excuses, so little time.  We're all guilty of it.  Oh, we LOVE our golf!  But, really, when's the last time you played?  {think back before the freeze-your-butt-off weather, you get a hall-pass  during that time}  No matter your level, let's do this...

  • Get your clubs ready.  {They should always be ready.}
  • Talk to your family and tell them how you feel about making time to play. {Explain to your Wife/GF/Husband/BF/Lover how long it takes to really enjoy golf and why you'll be a much better person afterwards.} (Do NOT assume they know how long it takes to play a round of golf.)
  • Find a golf teacher, take a few lessons and be honest about your game and budget. {Take a lesson as often as budget and time allow.  Even a long-time golfer can benefit from a professional showing you a thing or two.}
  • Get your butt to the range at least once a week.  {I use this as relaxing time.}
  • Talk to your friends and get on the same page.  {You'll never play unless someone takes charge, schedule. Life is too damn busy not to.}  
  • Figure out a good home course and get comfy.  
  • Put playing golf, lessons and range time ON your calendar.  You'll never play unless you make it a priority.  {Make sure your family knows your golf schedule.}
  • Yes, figure out a budget.  Even with the smallest budget, you can still find a range or a course to work on your game and get out and PLAY! 
  • Oh, that injury, if you can go to work everyday, you can play golf.  {They are sports medicine doctors that can work miracles.}

    These are just a few things to do to get you ready for Golf 2011, but won't you join me in making playing golf a priority in your life.  I say, enough with the excuses.  Life is too damn short to not play golf.

    {cheers} to LOVING golf and PLAYING golf! ~ Sandie

    Wanna rattle my ear? Reach me here sandie@augustagolfgirl.com


    1. Sweet Spot Golf LOVES the Augusta Golf Girl...also fun posts on what's cool in the world of golf! Keep up the great work...

    2. It's funny: lots of people who hate working out still find a way make it a part of their daily lives, while lots of folks who love golf can only find time for it "on occasion". I think it's because... especially here in the US... people often think of golf as riding around in a cart on a beautiful sunny day, getting out occasionally to hit a ball.

      You make some great suggestions for adjusing that perception a bit. Golf when one eliminates the cart and includes indoor and outdoor practice sessions plus a golf conditioning regimen can actually be the workout... the workout you enjoy.

      And of course it's all the more awesome when you bring Sweet Spot clubs into the mix.