The First Tee ;)

'First Date' by Doug Hyde 

A Perfect First Date:

He picks me up, on time.

He is handsomely dressed.

He opens my door.

We have a nice dinner together.

We laugh.  We talk.  We smile.

He offers his arm as we exit the restaurant.

We stroll an after-dinner stroll.

He politely offers other activities.

We choose one together.

We enjoy one another’s company.

He takes me home and walks me to my door.

He tells me he had a wonderful time.

He kisses my cheek.

He leaves.

This is the #1 question that I receive is "what is an ideal 1st date?"  For most girls it is the same.  We simply want a nice date.  It doesn't have to be a wine and dine event.  It can be very simple, as long as there is some thought into it.  Call me old-fashioned, but I still like being asked out and being treated like a lady on a date.  I believe that deep-down inside most women do.  

I am a very strong and independent woman, but I adore when a man offers his arm and 'protects' me.  My honest bit of advice to all of you guys is to simply treat her like a lady, your lady.  If you do this, she will gladly treat you like her man.  Make your first date one to remember.  Save the sex for later.  Yeah, I know, sex IS important, but so is a lasting relationship.  So if you want a real relationship, follow the guide.  If you want to keep reading dating advice and striking out, screw the advice and go for the sex. {I'll be getting deeper into that topic as we go along. Keep up.}

Life is short, be nice.  {cheers!} ~ Sandie

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  1. Anonymous2/03/2011

    I think a woman like that is worth everything in my power to make a trip for, not your average woman. Kristopher Taylor~