Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness!

Greetings Golf Lovers & Friends! 

This morning someone on Twitter tweeted to me that I was 'too happy for a Monday.'   I kindly disagree. I want to be happy no matter the day, the year or the circumstances in my life. I've decided to be happy, no matter what life throws my way.  I say, #BringIT! ; )  Here's some food for thought, I hope it helps you to find your own 'happy place' in life.  

Are you living? Are you making the most of each and every second of every day? 
Most of us aren’t. Why? Are we afraid? Are we un-motivated? Do we require a reason to live or a swift kick in the ass? Most do.  I did.

Two years ago I was deathly afraid of water and here's a picture of me on the Savannah River this past weekend taking part in Paddlefest.  I made a decision to face my fears and LIVE, happily. We all have that power within ourselves if we simply take the time to bring it out. 
The most important part of our day is the moment we decide to live, to fully live, not just to survive. What’s the fun in simply surviving? None. 
It takes two seconds in your day to change your attitude towards life, is your happiness worth two seconds? The old saying of ‘you can’t buy happiness’ is so very true because you can’t buy two seconds. It takes two seconds to decide to live your life happy.  Aren't you worth two seconds? Yes, you are.  #LiveIT! 

Wanna share your own #LiveIT! story? Reach me at sandie@augustagolfgirl.com  

Here's to a {Happy Life!} ~ Sandie

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