Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Bald

Shaving my head...

For a few months now I've wondered what it would be like to shave my head. Why in the world would I want to do this you ask? Here are a few of my thoughts...

1.  Life is short; always take risks. {Hair can grow back, not a big risk.  My life as a bald woman living in a conservative town is risky.}

2.  Life is best lived in a simple way. Less is more, way more. By shaving my head I would eliminate the need for time consuming upkeep and shave (pun intended) time off of my already tight schedule of getting dressed everyday.

3.  I want people to like me, not my hair. If people only like or don't like me because of the way I look, then I'd rather not even know those people. 

4.  I want to know what you guys (or girls) feel like. (Ya know, the ones of you with the bald heads.) 

5.  I want to cross it off my 'Fck It' List.  I want to do it now when it's a risky move and not when I'm old and gray and it really doesn't matter. #BringIT! 

6.  I want to open my mind to new perspectives. I want to know what cancer patients feel like. I've worked on so many cancer charity events and it breaks my heart each time I see a woman that is bald because she has no other choice. I want to show her that she is all woman, with or without hair. 

7.  I want to donate my locks. I want to help someone brighten their lives by giving them what I have always taken for granted, my hair.  Pantene Beautiful Lengths looks like a great charity to help. 

8.  Life is meant to be lived without fear.  I want to face my fear of the unknown, always.  I am not afraid of shaving my head, but I will acknowledge the fear of the unknown.  I will face that fear and be bold, be brave and #LIVEIT!

FYI: September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! {Cheers!} to fighting cancer, finding a cure and helping those with it! 

I'll be doing this soon and proudly posting pictures. 


  1. Go for it! You'll never forget the experience!

    Peas Out!

  2. @conley02559/19/2011

    Great post, truly living it!

  3. Anonymous9/19/2011

    No hats when indoors. That would be cheating.

  4. Thanks : ) You guys ROCK!

  5. I shaved my head twice and loved it each time. All your reasons for doing it are perfect and true to you. Which is all that really matters. Rock that hair lady!