Censor Me This

Today I walked into my local grocery store here in Augusta and as I waited to make my purchase I noticed something, Cosmo Magazine was hidden behind one of those ‘family shields’. 
Really? Cosmo? Are we in such denial about the real world that we must hide a cover of a woman’s body and the word sex? This surprised me. But it was only after I noticed that the Women’s Fitness magazine was also behind a ‘family shield’ did I get a little irked. WTF? A fitness magazine? Come on, people. How long do we have to live in denial? There is nothing wrong with a fit woman on the cover of a fitness magazine. Nothing. 
If I read Cosmo, which I don't, I would have felt very dirty trying to get a peek at the cover to even see if I wanted to buy it. I wonder just how many people don't buy magazines simply because they are hidden behind 'family shields'?

I thought about this as I walked out of the store for a good bit. Why must we hide behind our Sunday dresses and pretend that we are perfect? We aren’t. I’m not. Nor would I want to be. 

I grew up in a very strict church family and still have those values in my life, but I also decided to be honest about myself and my beliefs, thoughts and desires. 
I desire a beer after a long day in the office, but I do not care to get drunk. 
I desire a cigar to help me relax, but I do not care to offend someone with my smoke.
I desire the beauty of lovemaking, but I do not desire to make love to just anyone. 
I desire to have sex when, where and with whom I chose, but I desire to chose wisely.
I will not allow society to control my personal beliefs about what is wrong and what is right. I am a responsible woman and will make an honest attempt to live my life with integrity and desire.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on censorship. Reach me here sandie@augustagolfgirl.com  

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  1. While some months the guard isn't neccessary, sometimes, headlines of cosmo read "give the best blowjob ever" and "blow his mind with sex" and things that children, at that eye level, shouldn't see. I'm all about free speech but that magazine gets a little too rauchy with it's covers. haha