golferS nEed eXercise! ;)

~~Baby, it’s cold outside! {turn up the heat!}~~

Sex life isn’t what you want it to be?  Let’s fix that…

Here are some pointers for all you guys out there to (re)-light that fire!

*Take her out.  {Hello, date-night!! Can you say wine and dine? Make it part of your routine to ‘date’ your partner/spouse/girlfriend.  Romance really can be fun.  Women love romance and will be open to more sex when they get attention from you outside of the bedroom as well.}

*Buy her a sexy-little number. {Look in her undergarment drawer and note the sizes.  You can order online from the privacy of your home.  Or go have fun and pick something out together! There doesn't have to be a reason, more sex is the reason!}

*Kiss her!!! {Like you realllllllly mean it!! Kissing is very important to a woman.}

*Tell her what you want in bed. {Some women sort of need permission to ‘un-leash’ in the bedroom.}

*Light a candle in your bedroom right about ‘lights-out’ time. {If you light it, and this isn’t normal, you’ll spark her interest.}

*Talk about toys and movies.  {You never know until you ask, never assume.}

*FORE-Play! {More, more, more, more, more!} {If sex is enjoyable for a woman, she'll want to have more sex!!}  

Inside-Scoop: When a woman feels sexy in her life, she will want to have more sex.  And, the sex will be mmmmm mmmmm good. {Are you hearing me?}

{cheers!} to getting it on and turning it up! ~ Sandie ;)

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