Valentines Day is B*llSh!T

There's a ton of articles and ads on what to buy for your love for V-day.  I say, screw that.  Let's make it interesting, shall we?

Valentines Day is on a Monday this year, so let's get your game-plan together.  Yeah, game-plan.  I personally think V-Day is a complete B*llSh!T holiday, but let's keep you guys out of the doghouse.  {Grin and bare it.}

The most important thing for you to deliver on Valentines Day is to make her feel special.  I think that this should be a given in any relationship the entire year, but Hallmark and FTD want to make you believe that you need to go broke on this one day doing so.  Not true.  Here are some ideas...

*Since V-day is on a Monday this year, give her flowers and a nice card/note and make a date for Friday or Saturday later in the week.  Go out for a nice dinner or do something fun together. {Go (gun) shooting, horseback riding, to a concert, take a drive in the country or along the beach, watch the sunset or rise or take her to the driving range}

*Flowers: If your honey works in an office or something like that, it's more about the 'oh, look he sent me flowers' than anything.  If we are the only ones without flowers on V-day, well, it makes us look bad (and you).  Don't make her look bad.  {Tip: If you can, hand deliver flowers.  You can swing buy your local grocery store and grab a great deal and it'll be just as good as the $$$$$ that the florist will want to charge you.  Publix, The Fresh Market, Harry's, Costco, Sams and Whole Foods all have great flowers.} 

*Card: Buy a damn card, it's easy to do and it's cheap.  Or better yet, write her a note and put down 5 reasons you love her, sign it and throw it in an envelope.  {You may get extra points for option 2.}

*Lingerie... oh, yeah.  Use V-day to your own personal advantage.  Buy her something that you would want her to wear.  Would you like her to wear something very naughty, give it to her for V-day.  You get a hall-pass during V-day, so use it.  {Don't forget the stockings and heels if you really wanna spice it up.  She'll be floored if you buy it all and lay it out on the bed.  Take a risk, grow a set and just do it.}

I really hope this helps you out.  Make her feel special and she'll make you feel good. {wink wink}

{cheers!} to V-days with happy endings. ~ Sandie ;)

Not feeling my ideas? let me know... sandie@augustagolfgirl.com

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