Mr. Nice Meet Mr. Naughty

~~ "I'm a nice guy, women don't like nice guys."~~

Wrong.  Women do like nice guys.  Most women would prefer a nice guy over a jerk any day.  We like nice guys, but we also like guys with edge.  Mr. Naughty has edge.  Mr. Nice should hang out with Mr. Naughty and get in touch with his edgier side. {Miss Hottie likes Mr. Naughty.} Following?

Nice Guy = Borrrrrrring!

Nice Guy + A Life = Bettttttttter!

Nice Guy + A Life + Edge = Purrrrrrfect!

Speaking as a strong-independent woman, I love nice guys, but please don't bore me to bits.  Ask yourself a few questions; What makes me interesting?  Why would I date me?  What do I bring to the table?  If you take the time to think about these things, it'll be easier to come across as more than just 'Mr. Nice Guy' to Miss Hottie (whatever lady you're currently after).

Here's some ideas to help you score date #1 and make it to date #2...

*Be Interesting {Have a few hobbies and try new things.  Have something going on in your life.}

*Be Challenging {Play hard to get, this works both ways.  Miss Hottie is very used to getting Mr. Nice, but she has to work for Mr. Naughty.}

*Less is More {Hold back on the slew of compliments. Miss Hottie is told just how awesome she is everyday by all the Mr. Nice guys of the world, Mr. Naughty strikes a fine balance of his compliments.}

At the end of the day, you have to be yourself, but there's nothing wrong with making yourself even better! ;)

{cheers!} to showing the many sides of Mr. Nice! ~Sandie

Dying to tell me your bad boy ways? Do it here sandie@augustagolfgirl.com

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